Telscale SS7 card

Scope of technology


Isup to SIP GW

BSC for low-cost 2.5G BTS



ISUP-SIP gateway with JSLEE

The goal is to offer operator-grade ISUP-SIP signaling and media gateway, supporting multiple E1s.
Acting as a Signaling gateway, Telscale SS7 card converts MTP payload from SS7 to Sigtran (M3UA).
JSLEE software processes ISUP and SIP, and controls Media gateways with MGCP.
Telscale SS7 card also performs Media Gateway activities, converting RTP to TDM.

Here you can find configuration used for testing.
As for August'2013, basic calls are working, some JSLEE formailties are not yet met. Mobicents project mentioned above is my first JSLEE experience..