Telscale SS7 card

Scope of technology


Isup to SIP GW

BSC for low-cost 2.5G BTS



Interfacing OpenBSC to a lefacy MSC

OpenBSC software supports various BTSs. It exposes A-over-IP interface from ip.access, while a legacy MSC expects GSM A-interface, that is BSSAP SS7 signaling and G.711-coded voice over E1.
The are several advantages of OpenBSC for an operator:

  • stable open source software
  • a variety of low-cost BTSs supported, with IP interfacing

    While the goal is to interface this network segment to a legacy GSM network.
    A picture below is aimed to provide some ideas how it works.

    In the content of the pilot, Telscale SS7 card is connected to Alcatel S-12 in the middle of Russia, while OpenBSC and BTS are running more than 1000 km away, being interfaced over OpenVPN.